28 Mar 2017

What to do with decoupage items

Submitted by AdminA

Were You in situation when You do not know what to do with Your decoupage items? When house became too small for all Your work? When there is no more place for all decorative bottles, candle holders or jewelry boxes? I think that this situation is normal for all the beginners, who love to create. In this article I want to write about some ways to solve the problem.

27 Jan 2017

How to decopatch with napkins - instructions, ideas and techniques

Submitted by AdminA

sn3.jpg Decopatch is a very easy to make technique. In the same time it is very decorative and beautiful too. So you can use it as central decor or as a background technique for decoupage things as well. Lets see, what kind of paper can we use to make decopatch.

17 May 2016

Great art song

Submitted by AdminA

images.jpgWhat inspires you for art? Is it some tasty food, Nature views, beautiful music or a kiss of your Love? As for me, it can be different things. But all of them have to bring some kind of happiness or really great humor. I feel no inspire with sad movies or music, parting or missing somebody. I can make no art giving to any sad feelings. Only for happiness.

16 May 2016

DIY how to make a composite background

Submitted by AdminA

deckor boxOnce upon a time I had to decorate sides of wooden jewelry box. I use to use lace and mordant for it but this time the main picture was not blending with lace or mordant. And I decided to make a composite background. In this article I want to show You all the steps of painting a composite background. It is very easy to do and allows to get interesting decorative effect. So let’s see what materials and tools do we need for this process.


13 May 2016

How to age paper, lace or fabric

Submitted by AdminA
wood bowl

Sometimes it is necessary to use some vintage looking paper, lace or fabric in decoration. Where can we get such materials? It is possible to make it by our hands. And it is easy to do. What do we need for this?

So, we need:

  1. A bowl. It can be plastic, enamel, glass or any other bowl. If You are aging paper, You may need bigger one then when You are aging lace and fabric.
  2. Chicory, black tea, coffee or hot chocolate. I think that aging in chicory gives very beautiful color – more beautiful than black tea and coffee. But You can test every drink and choose the best result for Your opinion.
  3. A cup to make drink in it...
01 May 2016

How to make cheap texture paste?

Submitted by AdminA

frame photoToday I want to speak about a cheap variation of art texture paste. Many beginners try not to buy expensive art materials for their first work with any new technique. It would be very sadly to spend much money for an expensive material and get not so perfect result using it. So I prefer to learn new techniques using cheap materials. If you think the same this advice will be useful for you.

30 Apr 2016

Great decoupage positive

Submitted by AdminA

lessons.jpgToday I was teaching my students how to sell their decoupage. It was a big lection during almost 3 hours. It was very long for me and for them too. I had to speak all these three hours. Usually I teach them something practical and have not to speak all the time. It was really difficult and I tired. But! It was great too.

My students get big piece of information from me. I saw their interest to my words and the theme of our lesson.