27 Apr 2016

Decoupage as an idea

Submitted by AdminA

decoupage-blank.jpgIf you are reading texts of this site, you know what decoupage technique is. So I will not write about it in this article. Let’s speak about some ideas in this technique. You will see that decoupage is really very rich for interesting ideas and things. It is rich for kinds of blanks and kinds of decorative materials.

25 Apr 2016

An eggshell in decoration - an imitation of ancient metal

Submitted by AdminA

imitation of ancient gold using eggshellIn this video I will show how to use an eggshell in decoration. There are many ways to use it - as an imitation of mosaic, as an imitation of natural stones, as independent decorative element etc. In this video You will see how to make an imitation of ancient metal (antique gold) using an eggshell.