Crackle paint technique with Elmer`s glue

22 Jan 2017
Submitted by AdminA
crackle paint

The easiest and the cheapest way to get a crackle paint effect is the crackle painting technique with Elmer`s glue (PVA or school glue). This technique is good on wood, on glass, on metal and on any other kinds of surface. To make such crackle paint we need:

  1. A wooden, glass, metal or any other blank;
  2. Some Elmer`s glue (PVA, school glue). Use pure material;
  3. Some water-based latex paint of light color;
  4. Some dark acrylic paint;
  5. A piece of sponge;
  6. 2 brushes (synthetic);
  7. A hairdryer;


Cover the blank by dark acrylic paint using a piece of sponge. This dark color will be the color of cracks. Dry this paint layer. Then cover the dark paint by medium layer of Elmer`s glue (PVA, school glue). Use pure glue and synthetic brush. Spread the glue in one direction.

Dry the glue layer by hot air using hairdryer. Do not dry the glue layer fully but dry till that moment when on glue layer will appear a thin membrane. Under this membrane there has to be some wet glue.


After that take light water-based latex paint and cover the glue layer with this paint in another direction. Do it carefully, try not to damage glue membrane. Then take a hairdryer again and dry paint layer with glue layer under it. You will see an appearance of cracks on paint layer. Leave Your work for 6-8 hours to develop new cracks. After 6-8 hours cover crackle paint with varnish to save the result.


Now You can use this vintage base for decoupage or use it as cracle painting itself. All the process You can watch in my free video art lesson: