Decoupage diary

17 May 2016

Great art song

Submitted by AdminA

images.jpgWhat inspires you for art? Is it some tasty food, Nature views, beautiful music or a kiss of your Love? As for me, it can be different things. But all of them have to bring some kind of happiness or really great humor. I feel no inspire with sad movies or music, parting or missing somebody. I can make no art giving to any sad feelings. Only for happiness.

30 Apr 2016

Great decoupage positive

Submitted by AdminA

lessons.jpgToday I was teaching my students how to sell their decoupage. It was a big lection during almost 3 hours. It was very long for me and for them too. I had to speak all these three hours. Usually I teach them something practical and have not to speak all the time. It was really difficult and I tired. But! It was great too.

My students get big piece of information from me. I saw their interest to my words and the theme of our lesson.