Great art song

17 May 2016
Submitted by AdminA

images.jpgWhat inspires you for art? Is it some tasty food, Nature views, beautiful music or a kiss of your Love? As for me, it can be different things. But all of them have to bring some kind of happiness or really great humor. I feel no inspire with sad movies or music, parting or missing somebody. I can make no art giving to any sad feelings. Only for happiness.


Today such great thing is a video clip by Kenny Chesney on his song “American kids”. I can say only one word “Wow!” This video is so full of happiness and breeziness. I was impressed so much! I love it! I took my paints, napkins, glue and brushes and started to make new beauty. I can say that this song itself does not inspire me so much. But the video is great! This clip made my day! Thank You, Kenny Chesney!


What are your inspiration things? Come over, let’s make great list of such things together!