Great decoupage positive

30 Apr 2016
Submitted by AdminA

Today I was teaching my students how to sell their decoupage. It was a big lection during almost 3 hours. It was very long for me and for them too. I had to speak all these three hours. Usually I teach them something practical and have not to speak all the time. It was really difficult and I tired. But! It was great too.


My students got big piece of information from me. I saw their interest to my words and the theme of our lesson. I answered their questions and felt my own role in their future success. And I am sure they will be successful in decoupage technique in their own way.


I love to teach my students to decoupage. We can feel there so cool art energy in the air during our lessons. I love to hear “I’m so glad I had come here. You woke up my art potential” or “What will I do during our vacations? I will miss our lessons!” Such words wake up my own art energy and all the day after my lessons I usually feel happiness in despite of all my fatigue. I use to hurry to my lessons every time even if I feel ill or cold.


My students are so interesting and positive people! To get our class-room I have to take a bus. There usually are many old ladies on the bus station. And every time I have to listen to their querulous voices. They use to speak about bad policy of our government, high prices, bad quality of goods and services etc. My ears can take a form of tubes in five minutes of my waiting for the bus. But when I come to my lessons, all negative impressions and emotions melt out and become something different, something positive. I love this very much.