How to age paper, lace or fabric

13 May 2016
Submitted by AdminA


Sometimes it is necessary to use some vintage looking paper, lace or fabric in decoration. Where can we get such materials? It is possible to make it by our hands. And it is easy to do. What do we need for this?

So, we need:

  1. A bowl. It can be plastic, enamel, glass or any other bowl. If You are aging paper, You may need bigger one then when You are aging lace and fabric.
  2. Chicory, black tea, coffee or hot chocolate. I think that aging in chicory gives very beautiful color – more beautiful than black tea and coffee. But You can test every drink and choose the best result for Your opinion.
  3. A cup to make drink in it.
  4. Some water to make an aging drink. If You are aging paper and took bigger bowl, You may need more water to make enough quantity of aging drink.
  5. Paper, lace or fabric You want to age.

First of all we need to make an aging drink. Take some chicory, black tea (You can use tea bags), coffee (it can be any kind of it) or hot chocolate (but without sugar, please) and water it up with needed quantity of hot water. You can use Your cup for this process or make this drink in a bowl at once. But be careful! Use only thermo bowl for making drink with hot water. In other cases use a cup.

Leave aging drink to get colder and then pour ready aging drink into bowl. Place Your paper, lace or fabric into aging drink. Leave it for couple of hours (6-10 hours).

After that take Your paper, lace or fabric out and dry it, Do not use clothes iron for this process. But You can use warm air of hairdryer or dry naturally. Your aged vintage style paper, lace or fabric is ready for using in decoration now!