How to decopatch with napkins - instructions, ideas and techniques

27 Jan 2017
Submitted by AdminA

sn3.jpgDecopatch is a very easy to make technique. In the same time it is very decorative and beautiful too. So you can use it as central decor or as a background technique for decoupage things as well. Lets see, what kind of paper can we use to make decopatch.


Paper for decopatch


•    newspaper and magazines. Sometimes we do not know what to do with old newspapers and magazines. There are so many questions in Network about recycled magazines and paper. One way to upcycle this kind of material is to use it for decopatch.


•    tags and labels. Any label is very colorful now. They have to advert us so we can use them to decopatch. It will be very beautiful and colorful decor.


•    paper napkins. As for me, I think little pieces of paper napkins are the best for decopatch. No paper garbage, no waste after decoupage. Every piece can be used after decoupage in decopatch.


•    rice paper and other art paper. This material can be very beautiful and it is decorative itself. Use scrapbooking paper residue or colorful rice paper.


•    fabric. It will be very beautiful decor but try to use delicate and thin fabric. No matter will it be synthetic or natural fabric, it has to be thin textile.

Decopatch instructions and techniques

It is really easy. Take paper or fabric which you selected for decopatch process. Use 4-5 colors which will look good together. Cut material to get little pieces. If You choose paper napkins or other kinds of paper, it will be better to tore it up by hands to get ragged edge.

Now take a surface you want to decorate with decopatch technique. And start to glue pieces of chosen material one over another using Elmer`s glue (PVA, school glue). You can also use decoupage glue for this process. Fill all the surface by pieces of different colors. Dry ready decopatch and cover it by varnish.

You can see all the process in this how to decopatch video: