How to make cheap texture paste?

01 May 2016
Submitted by AdminA

frame photoToday I want to speak about a cheap variation of art texture paste. Many beginners try not to buy expensive art materials for their first work with any new technique. It would be very sadly to spend much money for an expensive material and get not so perfect result using it. So I prefer to learn new techniques using cheap materials. If you think the same this advice will be useful for you.

So, the cheapest texture paste is simple acrylic putty. I can not write here any specific names and brands because each country has its own market of materials. But you can choose universal putty in nearest specific shop (such as “Lowe’s” for example) and use it as putty for wood and as texture paste for your work.

acrylic putty You can make acrylic putty more elastic if you need it. Just buy some PVA-glue (wood glue, white glue, carpenter's glue, school glue, Elmer's glue) in the same shop. Mix two parts of acrylic putty and one part of PVA-glue. Now your cheap structure paste is more elastic and ready for decoration process.

Here on video decoupage lesson You can see all the process:

You can also make colored structure paste if you need it. To get needed color of paste you have to add some acrylic paint into your new putty. Just choose the color and mix your new colored material. You have to know that acrylic putty usually has its own white color, so adding some paint you can receive only light colors, such as pink, grey, blue etc. Or you can choose colored acrylic putty in the shop if there would be needed color. In my country there are only two colors of such material – white and brown.

Where can you use this material? Anywhere! You can use acrylic putty working with stencils or making an imitation of natural stones, learning 3D-decoupage technique or fixing defects of surface etc.

wood box