The most difficult thing in decoupage for me

29 Apr 2016
Submitted by AdminA

dali.jpgThe most difficult thing in decoupage for me is to sell my work. Making beautiful things is a kind of miracle and I am happy when I do this miracle myself. But routine starts when I want to sell one of those handmade things. I have to:

  1. Make a good background for photos;
  2. Make attractive photos:
  3. Work with those photos to prepare them before adding on Etsy;
  4. Write unique and full information about my decoupaged things;
  5. Look for right tags and titles;
  6. Remember all the materials I used in my work to write them in listings etc.


Sometimes all this routine takes more time than making decoupage. I think that every artist would be happy to have such an agent who can make all this routine for him. And the artist would be happy just to be a magician itself. And nobody else. But today I have to be a “multifunction superman” – an artist, a magician, an agent, a photograph, a writer, a seller, a courier etc. I love my life and my job! But the question is how not to be crazy?


It is simple, I think. Listen to your favorite music during all this routine process. Do not switch on this music during other not so routine movies. You can make really sweet moment with those songs from tedious time. Best relax is a new kind of work. If you just made a new decoupage miracle it is time to start to prepare background for photo. After that you can go to your PC and write some words of title or description. Then it is time to make photos (to stand up from your PC). After that you can prepare photos on PC again. Than it is time to get rest looking on street view or on your pet. May be it will be great to make some coffee or juice now. End all routine after this little rest. Do not forget to motivate yourself with some bonus. It can be some delicious or an interesting movie, shopping or swimming, phone call to your friend or a hug with your child.