What to do with decoupage items

28 Mar 2017
Submitted by AdminA

Were You in situation when You do not know what to do with Your decoupage items? When house became too small for all Your work? When there is no more place for all decorative bottles, candle holders or jewelry boxes? I think that this situation is normal for all the beginners, who love to create. In this article I want to write about some ways to solve the problem.


To sell


If Your items are quality enough, You can try to sell them. There are many interesting web-sites for craft sellers, such as Etsy, ebay or Dawanda. You can open commercial page on Facebook or special account on Instagram. You can find fairies in Your city and sell Your work there.


To give


I think that You have enough friends, relatives and colleagues to make a giveaway. Your gifts are unique and beautiful so everybody will love them. If there are no person around You who had not get a present from You, You can make a giveaway in social media or on special web-sites.


To remake


Maybe some blanks of Your items are too expensive. In that case You can just make a new design of it. You will get a new experience and Your new work will be better than an old one. Every new design is better because of growth of Your knowledge and experience.


To throw in the trash


Do not feel sorry about it. In some years You will feel shame about Your old work because of growth of Your knowledge and experience. Do not let Your old items make You feel this shame. Get rid of them in time. If You can not make a giveaway, remake or sell Your items, just throw them in the trash. Remember, Your knowledge and experience will always be with You.